14 Ways to Make Money by Lending Money

By: Jer Trihouse: Insight & Wisdom in small dollar lending. Digging down below the media headlines…

Continuing with my Theme, “It’s incredible how profitable and powerful a money lending business can be.”

To make serious money in the payday loan industry, installment, car title lending, even cash for gold, most of us think we have to analyze multiple potential locations, lease a store-front, spend $25,000 plus on a build-out, apply for a license,  invest in signage, hire and train a few employees, launch a grand opening, make some loans and pray our customers pay us back in a reasonable period of time.

Basically, there are 14 ways to make a ton of money by making small dollar loans to consumers and small businesses in the form of installment loans, payday loans, car title loans and line-of-credit loans.

I’ll discuss these in no particular order.

Depending on the responses we get from people like you, we’ll follow up in the future with more in depth analysis of each opportunity.

Sometimes it makes sense to look at our lives and our businesses from a brand new perspective. What’s really important?

What are we really trying to accomplish? What are our true priorities? Where do family, friends, loved ones, our personal passions and our own needs fit into “the big picture?”

Are you at the stage where building an empire with all the responsibilities that entails is your goal?

Are you simply trying to make a good living while enjoying the luxury of short work days combined with a round of golf or an afternoon of fishing?

Or, perhaps you prefer an unfettered life. One in which you truly are the “captain of your own ship” with few entanglements. Just logging onto the Internet a few times a day, running your business from anywhere in the world and enjoying the fruits of your labor with little need to engage with employees and consumers is sufficient?

These thoughts and more prompt me to share my thoughts on our industry and the various ways you can make a great living in it while not necessarily employing the usual stereotype approaches.

Oh, one last thing!

If payday loans or car title loans, installment lending or check cashing… whatever… are not what YOU fantasize about, never fear. My rant is still appropriate for YOU. Just delete the word loan and substitute your dream or vision. Try it! I guarantee you it will work!!

Now, on with the show…

Again, “To make serious money in the payday loan industry, installment, car title lending, even cash for gold, most of us think we have to analyze multiple potential locations, lease a store-front, spend $25,000 plus on a build-out, apply for a license,  invest in signage, hire and train a few employees, launch a grand opening, make some loans and pray our customers pay us back in a reasonable period of time.”

Those of us who have embraced the Internet, think we have to build a web site(s), hire programmers to code some payday loan software, become an expert in search engine optimization and search engine marketing, add a call center to handle all the verifications and inquiries, fund payday loans with our own money, and then become an expert in collections.

Sure, these are the typical approaches and thousands of payday loan operators use these methods to make a lot of money. But not all of us have sufficient funds, know how, or the inclination to make our fortune this way.

Nor do all of us want to spend our days and nights earning our living in such an intense environment.

As you read this keep in mind:


Loan companies – this includes those of us who FUND loans directly to a consumer and lead GENERATORS who sell leads and loan applications – spend big bucks $$$$$ to get a consumer to apply for a payday loan, a car title loan, an installment loan… This goes for the “brick-n-mortar” guys and the Internet operators as well.

Think about this!

Just like insurance applications for autos and health, just like mortgage applications, just like pizza… companies pay millions of dollars each year to get the eyes and ears of their customer to pay attention to them. Each one of these leads and applications are worth A LOT OF MONEY! Borrowers looking for money are EXTREMELY VALUABLE.

If a payday loan or installment loan customer were to get just three $500 payday loans per year for 10 years they would generate between $2250 and $4500+ in fees over their lifetime. No wonder lenders are willing to spend as much as $165 or more to purchase a single payday loan/installment lead in hopes of securing a borrower for life.

So, what are the 14 ways you can make serious cash in the money lending industry? Let’s begin…

[Note: For additional marketing ideas for lending money to make money be sure to read: Part 1 and Part 2 of our Payday Loan & Installment Loan Marketing Ideas series.]

1) Affiliate sales.
Consider building a website focused on payday loans/installment loans/car title loans/money lending… and become an affiliate of a direct lender or a lead aggregator. Get paid for every customer you send them. Lenders typically pay up to $165+ for each funded loan and often $1 to $9 for each loan application that is not funded for whatever reason (length of time on the job, not having direct deposit, no checking account…)

There are several 3rd-party companies that will enable you to accomplish this at zero cost to you!

We have a whole chapter devoted to the specific steps you need to accomplish this as well as a number of companies that will buy your leads. We’ve assembled a Chapter in our “bible,” How to Start a Payday Loan or Title Loan Business.”

2) Lease a store, put a loan business in it and make a lot of money. This is the approach used by 90% of entrepreneurs. If you’re into opening one store, then another, then another… This is a great way to make lot’s of money!

3) Build, or have built, a lending web site. If you’re not into personally building web sites or don’t already have a good connection, there are several really good sources available today to get them built for less than $300. Tie them into a loan software solution (less than $1000) and you can begin driving loan consumers to your web site, qualify them with a few of of the Identification Validation Services (scrubbers) available to lenders, fund the loans and make lot’s of money.

4) Build one loan store, get the formula for success down, then build a web site to service your entire state/province.

How to Start Installment Loan Business

How to Start Installment Loan Business

This is a great method for expanding your market share beyond the 5-8-10 mile radius around your loan store. Your web site will allow you to fund loans to your customers no matter where they live. Your “brick-n-mortar” is licensed thus your Internet operation is in compliance as well.

Whether you choose to use the choice of law model, the multi-state model, the Sovereign Nation Model, the CSO-CAB model or the offshore-model this approach can be very rewarding!

5) If you’re into writing, you can create articles about lending/borrowing and sell them to loan funding companies, payday loan lead generators, payday loan blogs and payday loan affiliates. All of these entities need content to help them rank well in search engines in order to fund payday loans or to sell payday loan leads.

6) Sell completed loan websites. There’s a huge demand by entrepreneurs for complete, turn-key loan web sites designed to fund loans and sell leads. The informed loan lead generators and loan funding companies realize a series of linked “micro-websites” (static 4-5 page web sites) are extremely helpful for ranking well in the major search engines.

You can create and sell one or a network of loan websites with the goal of generating loan leads and full applications by consumers.

Additionally you could tie one or more of these niche websites into an off-the-shelf loan software solution thereby enabling the purchaser to actually fund and manage a loan Internet business. We get several inquiries every month just for this type of project.

7) Sell your professional expertise to loan companies. It’s a $50 billion dollar business. There is a great demand for lawyers, compliance experts, offshore services, regulatory skills, software developers, collection professionals, web site hosting, store location selection, advertising pros, search engine optimization, store build outs, signage, logos, loan software and on and on. You can become a consultant regarding the entire industry or focus on a single niche like software selection or compliance and regulatory issues.

You can even advertise here: http://www.PaydayLoanUniversity.com

8) Offer complementary products and expertise to lenders. Rapid tax refunds, car title loans, check cashing, pawn shops, bail bonds, buying and selling of scrap gold and silver, credit repair, mortgages and more are a natural fit for our loan demographic (read Wal-Mart customer).

You can become a reseller, an independent sales operation for an existing product or service as well as develop your own complementary product or service for the industry. Loan management software consultants, ACH, ICL, debit/credit card processors, compliance professionals, lawyers focused on lending, anti-money laundering specialists…

Loan companies are on the lookout for additional revenue streams, complementary products and services, and better, cheaper, easier ways of doing things.

9) Do SEO (search engine optimization), Social Optimization (YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Digg, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+), Direct Link Marketing, Chat Rooms… for loan lead generators and loan funding companies.

Loan leads and applications are bought and sold everyday by the tens of thousands for $9.00 to $165 and more per lead. Remember that one good, returning loan consumer is worth thousands of dollars over their lifetime to a loan funding company. Enova, a publicly traded lender, did nearly $500M in small loans in their last quarter!

10) Build web sites focused on loans and place targeted ads that provide revenue to you, the owner of the site. It’s like selling real estate. Google Adsense, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, DuckDuckGo… are extremely good at doing just this and generate tens of millions of dollars for web site owners every month. Advertisers like CashNetUSA.com, Lendup.com, Avant.com… pay the search engines to allow their advertisements to appear on related web sites.

[NOTE: Google and others are evaluating this and changing their policies on loans >36% APR’s. I think this is a HUGE disrupter for the incumbant search engines and a tremendous opportunity for those of us who want to capitalize on “big brother” Google!.]

For an example go to:
http://www.AutomobilePawn.com or http://www.PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com .
The ads placed “above the fold” are provided by Google via a little piece of code placed on your web page. Each time a visitor clicks on one of those ads the web site owner earns a fee. It’s not uncommon for a web site owner to earn several thousand dollars per month from one web site via these click revenues.

[Again, this is changing as I write this! Read my thoughts and the opportunities this policy presents on my Blog.]

11) Manage PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns for loan companies.

Google [not >36% APR], Yahoo, Bing-MSN and more all offer advertisers PPC programs. Few lenders understand the strategies and tactics one must know to successfully run a PPC program. After all, if you don’t know what you’re doing, Bing and Google will blow your entire monthly marketing budget in a single day. We’ve witnessed very sophisticated loan companies blow through $5000, $10,000 and more in less than 72 hours because they don’t know what they’re doing.

To achieve ranking on page one of the major search engines for a keyword like “payday loan” or “installment loan” is very challenging; especially in the organic [free] results. The PPC sponsored areas are very competitive and can be very expensive if you don’t have a clue.

Another often overlooked area is local search.

VERY few brick-n-mortar lenders understand the value of ranking well in the top search engines for local search.

When a potential customer uses their favorite search engine, or their cell phone, to find their nearest loan store and your business doesn’t even appear on the first page, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

Try it.
Go to
http://www.Google.com or whatever your favorite search engine is and search for “Las Vegas payday loan store” or “Houston payday loan store” or “your city payday loan store.” Are you there? On page one? If not, you’d better start working on this!

(Don’t forget! This customer searching for a car title, scrap gold or payday loan store near them is probably on their cell phone.

Top SEO people are worth their weight in gold! Those of us willing to learn how to do this become golden.

12) Produce videos: pawn, payday loans, car title loans, how-to instructional videos like “How to Make a Collection Call” for example.

A high ranking in a search engine for a competitive key word phrase like “payday loan” or “cash advance” or even “no Teletrack payday loan” are worth millions of dollars to a payday loan funding company. But to rank well in a search engine a website needs content; good, keyword rich, focused content.

Search engines, especially Google & YouTube, love videos! Direct lenders and lead generators need good content to rank well. If your team can create appropriate loan focused videos that can generate some buzz you will be well paid for your efforts!

13) Create Blogs. Create a Blog focused on a very narrow niche within the loan industry. Think installment loans, payday loans, car title loans, loan software, ACH, collections, search, consulting… Not only can you place income producing advertisements on the site but you could eventually solicit advertisers to place advertising on your Blog.

Blogs focused on extremely specific niches generate traffic from people really interested in the topic or they’re doing research. Advertising income and click-thru rates of 10% or more are achievable resulting in significant monthly revenue for the owner of the Blog.

The more specific your Blog the less competition you’ll face.

Seek out specific advertisers for your Blog. Once you build up significant traffic you can not only develop substantial revenue from “clicks” but you can offer to feature a specific advertiser for a fee.

Finally, you could eventually sell your Blog outright for substantial dollars.

For another example of a payday loan Blog: http://www.PaydayLoanIndustryBlog.com

14) Create a Facebook page for your business. Or, specialize in performing this service for loan companies. Lenders need Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter persona’s as well.

Just one or two of these can generate several thousand dollars of income every month.

Any of these ideas, if implemented properly, will lead to significant, recurring monthly income for YOU!


The question is, how do you want to live? How do you want to spend your day? How much money do you need? How hard do you want to work?

And finally, what’s your dream?

Shameless plug: Our “Payday Loan Bible” available at: http://www.paydayloanuniversity.com/buy-now/  discusses the majority of these ideas in depth and includes a great deal of the resources and strategies discussed here.

Comments? Suggestions? What did we forget? Need more insight or “how to” for some aspect of this rant? Don’t be bashful!! TALK TO ME! Jer@TrihouseConsulting.com

Oh, and again! One final point.

What are you REALLY into? What’s your passion?

Whatever it is, DELETE the word “payday loan” or “installment loan” from this rant and substitute YOUR passion. Chances are these ideas will work for you in any endeavor.  Now DREAM…

For more resources related to making money by lending money, visit: our Resources Page.