It’s so SWEET when things go well.

 Running a business is often crisis management.  So it’s especially SWEET when things go right.
Why is this note important to me??

Please read this note all the way through.  It’s relevant and you’re going to share in our good fortune.We create a lot of business materials here at Payday Loan University.  And we were VERY excited to release our AUTOTITLE course in December.  This past year has been very disruptive to our industry, and we believe that the Autotitle Loan product is an opportunity and a HEDGE in this dynamic market.

So, we spent months going through thousands of notes and organized the most vital information into a 400 page course.  We then released this Autotitle course to the industry.  IT was priced it at $999.00, and got some sales through our website, and from people that have purchased our other courses.

Our plan was to offer this course to people that couldn’t attend our boot camp, or bring us in house for consulting services.
Here’s where it gets interesting:
A national Payday Chain approached us about using our materials throughout their operations, and they’ve bought a special license to use a modified version of our AUTOTITLE course as an operations guide to help their stores LAUNCH this new product.  It’s a win for them, as we’ve done the time consuming development work and saved them a LOT of time.
How is all this useful, or even relevant to you?
Since this deal has allowed us to recapture our time and expense in creating the course, we can now offer an EPIC price drop on the course.  This is not a one-time deal, or some sales gimmick.  We’re dropping the price by more than half.   Our Mission remains to HELP business people within the payday industry through education, strategy and sharing best practices.
Not only are we dropping the price to $495.00 for this course,  we’re also crediting $504.00 BACK to those folks that have jumped in and bought the course at full price.
There is no buyers remorse here at Payday Loan University!
Thanks to those of you that had purchased the course.  Your credits were processed through Paypal, or your credit card late last night.  (If you haven’t been credited, send me a note, and I’ll make sure it gets done for you right away!)
Here’s a direct link to download the first few chapters for FREE, plus you can enjoy the lower price and use the savings to buy yourself something NICE.
All the best to you, and your families for the New Year.  May you enjoy great health, prosperity, and peace.
Very Best Regards;