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How to start a car title loan businessPayday and car title loan collections.

Generally, it’s illegal for debt collectors to harass customers (debtors) on social media. However, there are no rules prohibiting the use of social media to track down or learn important information – such as where the debtor works – on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat…

Debtors voluntarily reveal very important, personal information about themselves everyday on social media sites.  There are sites debt collectors buy personal data from. If a debtor buys a pizza, collectors can easily, and cheaply, buy the “list” that has the debtor’s address and phone number on it. That kind of information is not private or protected. When a debtor “gives” their personal information to a pizza company, it becomes proprietary. They own it and can sell it. “The money is in the list!”

Personal consumer data collection is growing rapidly! We yield more and more information about ourselves all day long. Ever install an app on your phone to make your life a little more fun or easy? Our GPS info is revealed dozens of times per day. Use an app on your phone like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare… and you’ve been found!


Car Title Loan Software

Car Title Loan Software for Your Business

Are you in the car title loan business? Or, do you want to start a title loan business but have no clue what loan management software is available? Do you know there are “off-the-shelf” software solutions for running a car title loan business?

We opened our first car title and payday loan store in California in 1997. We’ve “played” with all the loan management software solutions in the industry. We even screwed up and built our own; long since scrapped.

To start a car title loan business you need some straight talk about car title loan management software from a resource not having an agenda. Consider investing in our “Car Title Loan Training Manual” (300+ pages) (Order Now).

Our 300+ page industry manual includes a lengthy chapter devoted to auto pawn and car title loan software. Not only do we thoroughly discuss the features to look for, but additionally, we include a complete list of the top title loan software solutions available in the marketplace today. This software chapter includes a list of the major players with phone numbers, web site addresses, and investmant requirements. We also include links to each auto title loan software company allowing you access to their free software demos.

Our team has more than 20 years experience with car title loans, payday loans and check cashing. Click Here to Order our Auto Title Loan Training Manual today, read it, then pickup the phone and call us for free counsel.

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Car Title Loan Profits

Car Title Loan Profits

Every entrepreneur wants to know how much money they can make in the car title loan industry!

Triple digit annual percentage rates (APR’s) are typical for car title loan stores. A  Missouri State Auditor’s Report revealed the average to be 200% to nearly 400%. Illinois approached 300%. Wisconsin averages 300%. Typical fees on a $500 loan are 25% per month; $125 month interest only. These are typical rates for car title loan companies having stores in states having fee caps. When operating in states not having prescribed statutes, you will experience even higher APR’s.

Car Title Loan ProfitsIt’s not uncommon for car title loan stores to minimize their APR calculations by failing to compute them properly. This is not necessarily intentional. Many operators simply don’t know how to calculate an APR correctly. This is not recommended. It can lead to serious problems, particularly after you become extremely successful. You will become a target. Your solution is to invest in vcar title loan management software. Our “Car Title Loan Bible” has a lengthy chapter devoted to this subject. Learn what to look for when choosing your car title loan software and check out all the vendors offering software.