A Case Study in Unconventional Marketing: Loans

When we talk to operators, I always push UNCONVENTIONAL marketing.  Getting solid, well paying customers is hard.  Doesn’t matter if you have one store, or you have a HUGE call center and only work online.  The trouble and COST of customer acquisition is a huge part of your business challenge.

This past weekend, I stumbled onto a SWEET little marketing idea.  I’m going to show to you in this video, and I go on about how the guy could have taken it a few extra steps.  But I’m NOT being negative.  This was a cool idea, and I have to give all the credit to this small operator.

Watch and learn.  How can you apply this to your operation?

 How can you reach out through these unconventional channels and avoid the clutter of your competitors?  How is this ability to stand out so important to create that connection to the customer?


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  • miro.posavec says:

    We posted this link on a few of our LINKEDIN groups and many people commented that the girl answering the phone could have done a much, much better job.

    I focused my discussion about how to structure this advertising program. But the phone answering system would probably discourage a lot of potential clients.

    the phone should have been answered right away. And she should have been more inviting. Think more “phone sex operator”, and LESS Dell cusomter (dis)service.

  • Martin says:

    It’s the simple things we often fail to implement.Thanks for this Miro! I was thinking, if my store could add just an additional 1 customer per week using your idea, I would easily add $180/month to my fee revenue AT A MINIMUM!

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