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How to Start a Payday Loan, Title Loan or Installment Loan Business  

5 Courses: How to make money by lending money to the masses. Start a payday loan, car title loan or installment loan business.

Course #1: “How to Start a Payday Loan Business.”

How to start a loan company

How to start a loan company

Still trying to figure this out? Licensing? What payday loan management software to use? Capital required? Profitability? Payday loan collections…

Why purchase a payday loan franchise typically costing $45,000 to $85,000 cash plus 6% to 8% of your monthly gross sales when our 400+ page “Payday Loan Startup & Training Bible,” (including sample contracts, forms, disclosures, letters, marketing materials, and more) answers ALL your questions . Stop spending hours and hours of your time “Googling” and invest in our “Bible.” Allow the years of experience we’ve gained in our stores and in our consulting practice to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know.

Who is our “PDL Bible” for? Business entrepreneurs, new PDL entrants, experienced players looking for creative ideas, vendors, lawyers and accountants serving the payday loan space, academics, investors and hedge fund management – virtually anyone with a need for in-depth knowledge and access to the economic metrics of a payday loan internet or brick-n-mortar enterprise.

Starting and operating a payday loan store or Internet business is not rocket science but there are issues such as licensing, disclosure, annual percentage rate (APR) calculations, advertising, tactics and strategies, software solutions and much more that have a significant impact on your likelihood of success and your profitability.

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Course #2: Powerhouse Payday Loan Business Operator’s Manual

Powerhouse-Payday-Loan-Operator-Course-V2For EXPERIENCED payday loan store owners ONLY!  Strategies and tactics you can use to increase your storefront payday loan business.

PROFIT from my mistakes, experience, and hard won wisdom. I guarantee my “Payday Loan Operator Course” will RESULT in increased revenues, reduced losses, and grant you many peaceful nights.

This information is the real deal with nothing held back. Marketing, underwriting, collections, employee relations, THEFT prevention, bad debt… It’s all in my Payday Loan Course. I’m blunt! I’m straight! I share all my blunders and my successes! And sometimes, it’s not pretty!

My Powerhouse Course offer killer strategies for payday owners to grow their business through MEASURED marketing. You will learn how the “tricks” the Online payday loan lenders employ can benefit your payday loan operation.

You’ll discover how to attract more ideal customers and clients, get them to come back more often, have them spending more on each visit and send you more referrals than you ever thought possible. AND, I’m going to teach you…

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Course #3: How to Start a Car Title Loan Business 


Car title loans. What are they? How do they work? Are they profitable? Can YOU make money as an owner of a car title loan company? The basics…

Car title lenders make money by lending 30% – 60% of the “low book value” of a consumer’s car against the title or “pink slip.” Car title lenders typically charge 8% t0 20%+ in interest per month on the amount borrowed.

For example, a California borrower who owns her car visits our title loan store or website. This car is worth $5000 in a “fire sale.” We would loan $2500 to her at 18% per month. For this example, let’s assume she makes 4 monthly interest payments. That’s $450 per month X four months = $1800 in fees. She then pays us back our $2500. We issue a lien release on her car and return her title to her. Should she fail to make her payments, in the most egregious case, we pickup the phone and call our licensed, bonded repo company.  Within a few days, they “find” her car with LPR technology, and tow it to the nearest auction where it’s cleaned up and sold.  We get a check from the auction, deduct our $2500 loan balance, the repo fee, late charges… and mail her a check with any balance.

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Course #4: Powerhouse Car Title Loan Operator’s Course 

 This course gets you up and running while most importantly focuses on IMPROVING your car title loan business. If you’re already in the car title business, you’ll find exciting marketing ideas, and operational systems that will take you to the next level. 

Course objective: To share proven strategies for success in scaling opportunities in the car title loan space.

How to start or improve your car title loan operation:

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Course #5: How to Get Top Dollar for Your Business

How to Get Top Dollar for Your Business.

Over a 25 year career, I’ve developed a PROVEN, and comprehensive step by step system, to prepare YOUR business to sell. “HOW to get TOP Dollar for your Business” is a course created to walk you through simple, step-by-step changes that don’t cost much money, but will transform your operations, and make your business attractive to the ideal BUYER.  Most of the examples and topics within this course are related to the Payday Loan industry, Auto-title and sub-prime businesses.

With this course, you’ll be able to offer a business with REAL value, get TOP DOLLAR, and make a transition easy, and painless for you and your buyer. And after the deal closes, everybody will be friends, and you won’t have to worry about a lawsuit.

Because, I’m not going to teach you to hide the bodies, or put lipstick on the pig. That’s being sneaky and dishonest. This course is about making small changes that turn your business into a well oiled machine that operates with minimal effort from the new owners.

I’ll show you how to find the BEST buyer, that’s EAGER to pay you MORE than you expected.

I’ll show you 11 KEY points that BOOST the value of your business, and make it easy to sell.

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