Car Title Course 3

How to Start a Car Title Loan Business

You want to start a car title loan business! You know the drill. You have that burning desire to start that new title loan business BUT you just don’t know where to begin. You’ve heard about all the money being made in the car title loan industry but you’re unsure of exactly what steps to take to be successful. Allow us to help you. The Team at Payday Loan University  has more than 20 years experience starting and running car title loan, payday loan, check cashing stores and Internet lending portfolios. Order our Car Title Loan Training “Bible” today, read it, then pickup the phone and call 702-208-6736 for free counsel.

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how to start car title loan business

How to Make Money in the Car Title Loan Industry.

Step-by-Step What We Teach You.

Our “Car Title Loan Training Bible” will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to get started and make money in the lucrative car title loan industry. We begin with an overview of the car title loan industry in the USA and continue with a thorough explanation and analysis of every aspect of starting and successfully running a profitable car title loan business.

Here’s a list of all the Chapters (300+ pages):

How to Be Successful Lending Money
Overview of the Car Title Loan Industry
How Big is the Car Title Loan Market
How Do Car Title Loans Work
Who Uses Auto Title Loans
Running Your New Business
Step-by-Step Procedures Marketing & Advertising for Car Title Loan lenders
How-to Use Craigs List
Websites & Mobile Friendly Strategies
Site/Store Selection Strategies
Tactics for Car Title Lenders
The Internet Model
Search Engine Tactics
Purchasing Leads
Profits and Return on Investment (ROI)
Small Claims Procedures
GPS and Starter Interrupt Systems
How to Value Your Collateral (the vehicle)
Car Title Loan Software
Arbitration Agreements and Sample Form
Best Practices
Assembling Your Team
Alternative Methods
Forms and Contracts (use these to get started immediately)
VIN Numbers:Everything You Need to Know
Detecting Title Fraud
Car Facts History
Car Title Business Resources
Car Title Loan Vendors
State-by-State Laws and Legislation for Car Title Loan Businesses

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