CFPB Lost 12,308 Positive PDL Borrower Testimonials on Hillary’s Server

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is more dishonest than the lenders they claim they are trying to protect consumers from.

Payday Loan Industry: CFPB Lost 12,308 Positive Borrower Testimonials on Hillary’s Server.

Here’s just one of the 12,308 POSITIVE TESTIMONIALS the CFPB received that were Posted by REAL consumers on the CFPB’s “Tell Your Story” website portal. Note that the total number of testimonials received was 12,546:

January 21, 2016

I used a payday loan and it got me out of a jam. When I pulled out a payday loan, I had no idea what I was doing. After sitting down with someone at the store, they helped me every step of the way and made sure I felt comfortable with pulling out the loan. I’m so glad they were there to help. Rather than a traditional loan, I payday loan startup businessapplied for a pay day loan and the process could not have been better. Everything was explained to me the minute I walked in the store and I had the cash I needed in no time at all. A bank or credit union does not work when you only need a small loan amount to make ends meet. I already live paycheck to paycheck and have little leftover after my monthly bills are paid. When the holiday season comes around, I can’t afford to give my kid gifts. The pay day loan helped me so my child could open a present. In the end this payday loan helped me out of a tough situation.

The Community Financial Services Association of America said documents they received under a Freedom of Information Act request indicate that 12,308 of the 12,546 testimonials submitted to the CFPB’s “Tell Your Story” consumer portal “reflect positive impressions of the industry.”

Here’s another actual payday loan customer story Posted by a REAL payday loan borrower on the CFPB website portal:

January 21, 2016

I really enjoyed working with my local pay day lending store and I think my story is important. Being able to get a loan for a few hundred dollars was not only easy but it was a necessity. There are no other avenues out there that can lend money like that which are not tied to losing a valuable piece of property or giving up your car entirely. This was a great way to make it work for me. Over the holidays, budgets can be stretched fairly thin. I wasn’t even sure I could provide even the most modest presents for the members of my immediate family. Then I got a quick and easy payday loan, and it truly made a difference to the people closest to me. It was enormously helpful and easy to navigate. I didn’t have the money to fix my car after getting in an accident. Although at first hesitant, I found the entire staff to be extremely helpful and polite. In the end, I m glad I went through with the loan as it was quick and hassle-free. I found that using my pay day loan to cover some medical costs I had recently was a great way to not fall behind on my other bills. Medical bills can be very difficult to get under control and are very confusing. This loan was a great solution for me. I thank you for understanding my situation.

So, the CFPB must have misplaced 12,308 positive payday loan consumer testimonials? More than likely these were simply on Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Meanwhile, go here to read all 12,546 payday loan consumer testimonials. CFSA

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