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How to start a car title loan businessPayday and car title loan collections.

Generally, it’s illegal for debt collectors to harass customers (debtors) on social media. However, there are no rules prohibiting the use of social media to track down or learn important information – such as where the debtor works – on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat…

Debtors voluntarily reveal very important, personal information about themselves everyday on social media sites.  There are sites debt collectors buy personal data from. If a debtor buys a pizza, collectors can easily, and cheaply, buy the “list” that has the debtor’s address and phone number on it. That kind of information is not private or protected. When a debtor “gives” their personal information to a pizza company, it becomes proprietary. They own it and can sell it. “The money is in the list!”

Personal consumer data collection is growing rapidly! We yield more and more information about ourselves all day long. Ever install an app on your phone to make your life a little more fun or easy? Our GPS info is revealed dozens of times per day. Use an app on your phone like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare… and you’ve been found!

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  • Franklin says:

    WOW! I had no clue ordering a pizza or using Facebook could reveal my work situation… HORRIFYING!

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