Detailed outline for “How to get top dollar for your business course”>

This is the agenda for what is covered in this new course:

How to get TOP dollar for your business.

A step by step guide to maximize the value of your business, and then get top dollar if you decide to sell it.



Miro Posavec




Table of contents:
1:  Introduction:


2:  The scope of this course-we’re not just putting lipstick on the pig.


3:  Who’s going to buy your business?


4:  Which business gets top dollar?


5:  How to chase away buyers, and get the lowest possible sale price for your business.


6:  Evict the skeletons.


7:  The numbers that really matter.


8:  Getting to the numbers.


9:  Why proper record-keeping is so important, even if you decide not to sell.


10:  Getting the books done.


11:  The power and profit of being professional.


12:  Online presence.


13:  Physical location appearance


14:  Run a background check on EVERYBODY?


11:  How to record everything on video and audio.


12:  How to setup and use the tools of Google.
13:  How to shoot, upload and display a video.


14:  Management Software.
15:  Disclose everything.  Especially your rates.


16:  Collections.




17:  How to find talent.
18:  Should you have store managers, and the magic of cross training?
19:  A quiet store becomes solitary confinement.


20:  Employee supervision, training, and motivation.


21:  Stop getting in the way.


22:  How to do a mailing, and why 6 is the most important number.
23:  Facts about marketing methods and tools.


24:  Testimonials.
25:  Client Survey sample.


26:  Questions that I would ask you, if you hired me to consult on your business.
27:  Know your customer and know your numbers.
28:  17 Marketing ideas to get your numbers up right now!


29:  Notes on Web design


30:  Sample of letter to send asking for referrals from customers.


31:  Buying a business Checklist (this is what your buyer is going to be looking for!)