I got angry phone calls because of this post about FUNDING your business

Every time we share tips, or resources we have a simple criteria for doing it.

“Will this information HELP the operator?  Will our efforts be positive and create a positive change or difference in their operation?”

If you are in the payday/loan business, want to get into this business, or are trying to GROW (we should all be trying to grow).  Then you need $$$.  Our industry is all about the cash.  And getting funding has always been a big challenge.

Back in early June, I was having coffee with my old friend Ray Sims (Capital Solutions Funding Group).  Ray was telling me about this funding program that he’d developed.  I’ve known Ray for years, and  I had trouble believing that this type of lending was now available.    But Ray is a straight shooter.  I had to trust him and I wrote it all up and shared it will all of you.

On June 24, 2013 I had posted a write up about a new bank-based funding program for new and existing business.

And the crowd went WILD!

My phone rang off the hook.  People were accusing me of running a SCAM, and that this type of funding didn’t exist.  And to be honest, it didn’t exist 3 months ago.  This program is entirely new, and innovative.

Most people were VERY skeptical.

Ok, they were more than skeptical.  They were HOSTILE.

A few brave souls actually filled out the form, and got the process started.

The video is an interview with Jerry Evans.  Jerry was the very first person from our site to apply and get funding.   Jerry is a gentleman that has 12 years in the Payday loan industry.  He’s worked with the big guys and has ventured on his own.  Here’s the interview and he tells his story of what it was like to work with the group.



Up to $200k on new business (per well qualified signor)

Up to $350k on established business (per well qualified signor)



The funding is a combination of loans, lines of credit, and sometimes even credit cards.  These are established with real banks and credit unions.


Application fee:  $0.00


Interest rates:

Depending on the individual credit strength and the structure of the deal.  In same cases, there is a loan at regular interest rates, lines of credit are usually prime +2-3, and the credit cards are often no interest no payment for the first year.



There is a 12% fee to establish these lending facilities.  This is paid out from loan proceeds at closing.


How to apply?

Step 1:  Go to www.creditKarma.com and pull your own credit.  If you score over 680, then you qualify for this program.  When you create this account you will get a CLIENT CREDIT ACCESS USER and CLIENT CREDIT ACCESS PASSWORD.   The user is usually your email address and the password is something you choose.  Write these down, as you’ll need them to apply.  This is a SOFT credit pull.  This does not affect your credit, and when the banks look at your file using this information, they’re not pulling a credit report either.

Step 2:  Fill in the form below.  If you included your client username and client password for Creditkarma, you will get an approval letter in 2-3 days.  If you wish to talk to somebody first?  No problem.  Just complete the contact information, and you will be contacted.  But understand that the soft pull information will be required to move forward.  ***you are not committed to anything, and you’re not being charged anything at this step.  Capital Solutions funding is exploring HOW they can help you meet your goals.

Step 3:  You will be sent a pre-approval letter with an application form.  At this point you have a pretty good idea of what’s available to you, you’ll see all the rates, and how the funding is setup.  If you want to move forward, you complete the forms and send them in.

Step 4:  Final signatures and funding.  You’re presented with the funding plan.  At this point you can walk away and you’ve spent $0.00.  If you like the program, then you sign the papers, and your funding becomes available to you.  The 12% fee is taken at this time.


Here is the special LINK that takes you to an application page.  This page allows the company to KNOW that you are coming from Payday University and that you should be well treated.

LINK to application





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