Powerhouse Course Launched

After months of hard, grinding work in the deepest, darkest depths of the loan sharking industry, Payday Loan University is proud to announce the launch of our “Powerhouse Payday Loan Operations Course” for existing operators!

Details here: Powerhouse Payday Loan Course

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  • Steve says:

    Miro – Excellent production! Direct, to the point. Usable information, not theory. Improving front end lending saves $$ on the collection side.

    • admin says:

      Steve, THANK YOU!! I bet you were SURPRISED when you saw your name and collection solutions service discussed in my Course!!! You guys have been awesome!

      Team – PaydayLoanUniversity

  • Elisabeth says:

    Thank you so much for synthesizing this information-it’s a huge help to have so much content in one place. You’ve given me a lot to consider.

    • admin says:

      You’re welcome, Elizabeth!! How are your stores doing? PLEASE call me after you study my new Powerhouse Course! I would love your feedback!!

      Miro & The PaydayLoanUniversity Team

  • Martin says:

    Been following you guys for a while. GREAT INFO! I got The Course! I’m digging into this thing now… EXCITED!


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