Selling your business should be a strategic decision

There are many reasons for selling your business.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely bored. Starting a business from nothing is exciting, and thrilling. After you’ve had it going for a while, it becomes a job, and really, who wants a job anyhow.
Sometimes, the business doesn’t fit into our lives anymore. If you’re 70 years old, do you still want to be a mechanic and crawl under cars all day? If you have a young family, do you want to be on the road 25 days per month? Well, I have a young family, and sometimes extensive travel away sounds like a FANTASTIC idea.
Maybe you’ve taken it as far as you can, and the business needs a fresh and enthusiastic leader to make it shine.
If you have an operating business, you’ve accomplished something pretty special.
The failure rate for a startup business is 95%. That means only 5% make it past the first two years. Then only 20% of those make it to year 5.
This is WHY an investor or hopeful business owner is looking for YOUR business. The success rate for an EXISTING business under new owner ship is 90%. A 90% success is a far better bet, than facing down a 95% failure rate. That’s worth a lot of money. They’re looking to buy the fact that you have a proven market for your product or service.
Well, this book is about giving you the tools you need to present the business as a complete package for a potential purchaser.
So, let’s work together and show them how special your operation is, and clearly demonstrate WHY your buyer should eagerly bring you a giant box of money for the deal. And while we’re doing this, we’re also going to help to prepare this buyer by providing extensive systems and documentation that is going to help ensure their success.
If you have two houses on the same street, both are for sale. One is perfect. Well maintained, and in excellent repair. The second one is… rustic. The first one will not only sell faster, but it will command TOP dollar. That’s our goal here.
To make your business so appealing, that you can get MORE than just what the numbers show.