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What’s a 36% APR Look Like to a Payday Loan Lender?

At first glance, a 36% maximum interest rate on a consumer loan appears to make a great deal of sense. After all, banks and credit unions are paying less than 1% on savings accounts. That equates to $100 in the bank for a year earns $36; $3 per month. No biggie. That barely pays for a family to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken once/year.

South Dakota, Iowa, Kentucky, Arkansas, the military and a few other states, have passed legislation that enforces a maximum 36% APR on consumer loans.

What’s that look like in the real world? A 36 percent annualized rate offers lenders just $1.38 for every $100 they lend for two weeks. $1.38!

Now I’m not referring to consumers with 780+ FICO scores. Payday loan borrowers have either very poor or non-existant FICO scores. And their employment histories are “sketchy” to say the least.

When a payday loan lender funds a loan to the typical payday loan borrower, chances are 25%+ that this PDL consumer will not make ONE SINGLE PAYMENT!

That’s right! 1st-time defaults for payday loan borrowers typically exceed 25%!

What lender in their right mind would take a chance lending money to consumers having “thin” or non-existant credit files, jobs with Uber, Del Taco – name your poison – for $1.38 BEFORE paying their rent, payroll, store lease, insurance, phones, taxes, CRA (credit reporting agency), marketing costs…? NONE!

So… what’s a world without payday loan products look like? A WORLD OF NSF’s! Non-sufficient funds fees charged by banks and credit unions. A PERFECT WORLD FOR PAYDAY LOAN COMPETITORS!

“Follow the Money!” Who is really behind the anti-payday loan rhetoric? Bankers. Credit Unions. The competition…

According to the South Dakota Attorney General, the 36 percent interest rate cap does not apply to the following lenders:

  • State and national banks
  • Bank holding companies
  • Other federally insured financial institutions
  • State chartered trust companies
  • Businesses that provide financing for goods and services that they sell

Contributors to the fight against South Dakota payday loan lenders included Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union!

The CFPB has stated that it will interpret bank NSF overdrafts as short-term lending. Great! Banks and credit unions should be forced to disclose NSF fees as an APR. We are talking 1500% APR’s!!

Overdrafts are short-term loans. At least that is how 60% of American households treat them. However, because banks call NSF’s “fees” instead of interest, they get away with huge profits and zero disclosure.


According to a study by Magnify Money, a simple $100 overdraft with Citizens Bank for 10 days would cost a consumer $83.93! Is it any wonder this bank wants to outlaw payday loan products? A cheaper loan product?

Bottom line? FOLLOW THE MONEY! Understand that more consumer choices = lower fees and multiple options for solving temporary financial challenges. Short-sided “consumer advocates” usually have an agenda; they are not always looking out for consumers. You must dig a little deeper to fathom what their REAL goals are!

Which brings up my agenda; I’m a capitalist! And I’m not ashamed to be one. You should be one as well. Make a LOT of $$ and spend it the way YOU choose to: not “Big Brother.” You want to build shelter for kids? Feed the poor? DO IT! YOUR WAY!!

Look no further than Cuba, Costa Rica, Argentina… for examples of “big Brother” gone wild.

The Business of Lending Money to Make Money. It’s all right here: “The Manual.” Invest in it. Read it. Read it again. Study it. Then, BEGIN!

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Payday & Title Loan Collection Strategies

Payday Loan Collection Strategies

The 4C’s to Qualify for a Payday or Title Loan

As a payday or title loan lender, you know how easy it is to loan your money to borrowers. The hard part is convincing your borrowers to pay you back; as promised

I stress in our “How to make Money Lending Money Manual” that collections BEGIN the moment a potential borower visits your small dollar loan store or applies for a loan via your website.

There are a multitude of sub-prime consumer data “scrubbers” that have the ability to verify your small dollar borrower’s IP address, email, cell phone number, name, address, employer, bank account, social media presence…,

But ultimately, we lenders know lending money is about:

  • Collateral
  • Character
  • Credit
  • Capacity

Now, in the case of a payday loan, the collateral is your borrower’s job. 3 weeks on the job as a bartender is NOT going to fail to make my stomach queasy. [No offense to my favorite Newport Beach bartender!]

For title loans, lending is about the borrower having a free and clear title to the RV, car, truck, trailer… you get the message.

In order to mitigate his risk as a lender, Jason takes 4 factors into account when analyzing a borrower for a potential loan: collateral, character, capacity, and credit.

1. Collateral

How long has the borrower been on the job? How “strong” is their employer? Are you sure the employer phone number listed on the borrower’s application isn’t the cell phone number of her live-in boyfriend?

The job is the first and most important factor that I look at when qualifying someone for a loan.

2. Character 

Solid job? Let’s evaluate their character. I talk with the borrower in order to learn more about them. Why do they need a loan from me? What’s Google tell me about them? Who answers their phone when I call the number they’ve given me?

3. Capacity

During this sit down, Jason also wants to understand the borrower’s capacity to perform on the deal. He needs to know if they can make the monthly payments, if they can afford the down payment, and whether or not they have a clear exit strategy.

4. Credit 

Finally, after analyzing the borrower’s collateral, character, and capacity, I review their checking account statement. Other payday loan lenders listed? One might be OK. 2 or more? Forget about it!

How to start a title loan business

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Evidence og gambling? Probably not. Strip joints? maybe not. A negative bank balance 2 days after payday? Probably not. NSF’s ? No go!

Finally, I check them out with one of my sub-prime consumer reporting agencies before making a final decision.

This is not rocket science folks! It’s about PROFITS!

Get organized. Use the tools I discuss in our Payday and Title Loan Manuals and you WILL make money by lending money.

Questions? Jer@PaydayLoanUniversity.com