Time to Evolve to a New LMS!

Time to Shift to a New LMS?
If you are not happy with your current payday loan, title loan or installment loan [LMS] provider, don’t hesitate to look for a new one. Sometimes we make shortsighted decisions  to take the path of least resistance. In any case, it’s important you know  what’s out there, the cost, and the support levels you will realize by making the move.
There is new, exciting LMS technology in our market that can take your lending programs to a whole new level when it comes cost, ease of use and customer acquisition. First-time customer acquisition costs exceed $200+. Customer onboarding and servicing can break you while destroying your margins. Your LMS can make the difference! Recognize that reducing reoccurring monthly transaction costs will dramatically improve your portfolio’s performance; particularly when costs are reduced 20-40%.
Top complaint about LMS? The length of time and the out-of-pocket expenses for custom programing and integration. Solutions exist NOW!.
What if you could lower your costs, get into a better LMS that is built with the lenders interests in mind? This is now all possible. It’s time to set up a demo.
Specifics? Reach out now!! TrihouseConsulting@gmail.com
AND, don’t hesitate to visit: http://www.paydayloanuniversity.com/resources/ LOOK AT “Loan Software.”