Which business gets top dollar.

Here are the key points that BOOST the price of your business, and make it easy to sell:

Clean financials: Do your books make sense? Are they current? Are you following REASONABLE accounting practices?

Increasing sales: Are your sales going up?

Earnings. How much money is your business making.

Team: Does the owner do 99% of the work? Are you selling a job or an investment? If you’re selling a business that can be easily continued without much time and energy from a buyer, your value is much higher.

Cross Trained Employees: We cover this in the no-manager section. It’s important that your staff is flexible.

Job Descriptions: Do you have documentation of what everybody is supposed to be doing?

Systems: Do you have clear and well documented systems on how everything needs to be done?

Formal Plans: Do you have extensive marking plans?

Sales team: Is your sales team performing? Do you even HAVE a sales team?

Strong Web Presence: Do you have a website? Is it professional?

Making it easy: From the start, you should have a plan in place to transition to new ownership. Especially important is to have a good budget for working capital needed to operate during the transition.

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